College of Science - Department of Chemistry

About the department

The Chemistry Department was established in 1393/1394 (1973/1974) and is considered as one of the largest departments of the faculty of Science, as its services extend to large sectors of students inside and outside the faculty. The department is equipped with many laboratories prepared to meet educational and research purposes, and some of these laboratories are of special preparation as they include advanced equipment’s for chemical analysis. It provides its services to the other departments of the faculty of Science and some other faculties/departments in the university, in addition to serving other sectors outside the university. Due to the high capabilities, and competencies of the chemistry laboratories as well as the outstanding scientific research, the Chemistry Department start a graduate program for a master’s degree in 1398 H (1978). The Master's program was developed with the curriculum and thesis, as well as with the research project. Also, the PhD program with the curricula and thesis was started its first semester in 1425/1426 H (2005/2006). The Chemistry Department equipped with modern methods such as computers for teaching, and modern methods of communication and applications with students via the Internet, and different applications.


A globally competitive department in the field of chemistry


Preparing distinguished cadres in the field of chemistry to serve the community