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نظام الهدمات الالكترونية نظام الادارة الالكترونية البريد الالكتروني دليل الطالب والطالبة للسنة التجضيرية مسار العلوم الطبيعية مواقع اعضاء هيئة التدريس خدمة موقعي

The Chemistry Department was founded in 1973/1974
The Chemistry Department pledges itself to encourage in the broadest and most liberal manner, the advancement of science and particularly chemistry in all of its branches through its education, research, and service missions.  
The Chemistry Department of King Abdul Aziz University envisions that it will be recognized by institutions of higher learning for excellence in teaching, mentorship of students, and in research in chemistry. The department will continue to offer the highest quality undergraduate (B.S.) and graduate (M.S. & PhD.) curriculum. The department will continue to cooperate effectively with other departments to offer interdisciplinary programs in biochemistry, Pharmacy, Marine Science, education, and environmental science, and to offer challenging and appropriate courses to support majors in biology, biochemistry , chemical engineering and physics. The department will offer excellent and fascinating introductory courses which will both instruct and stimulate students in all of the university's programs, including the areas of engineering studies, Medicine, allied health and the chemistry minor, as well as the department's major programs.
1.Graduating national Provisionally qualified Personal who are necessary for the service of the community and the government plans and programs of development, education and industry within the Kingdom.
2.Conducting academic and industrial scientific research necessary for the improve the quality of live for the people of the Kingdome and the region.
3.Contributing to the improvement of the public at the scientific cultural awareness via the academic conferences and workshops.
4.Providing the technical services in field of chemistry to both public and private sectors.
5.Encouraging the attempts of translation to arbic scientific publications.  

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